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Sell MacBook Pro 13" (2014)

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Your item is in Like New condition if it is in 100% perfect condition like new out of the box.

Good condition is the most common device condition. Average wear & tear consistent with normal use but 100% fully functional. No water damage.

The device has moderate to excessive signs of wear. This includes excessive scratching, major dents, and/or mild housing damage such as a slightly bent frame.

Minor damage is ONE of any of the following: cracked screen with touch response and no dark spots or dead pixels, cracked camera, bad button, or bad headphone jack. If your items have more than one of these issues it will be considered as damaged. Any items with water damage will be considered DAMAGED even if functioning.

Any device that is damaged with more than one issue from the minor damage category, water damage, bent and/or dented housing, cracked LCD with no display.

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MacBook Pro 13" (2014)
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